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“The Detective's Muse is that rare combination of powerful thriller and beautiful literature, both strong and musical, exciting and emotionally stirring. His characterization runs deep and the early Irish poetry he writes about here colors the book with its rhythms and sense of history. Brian Delahunt is a helluva writer.”

Shelley (Lee) Singer, author of the near-future thriller Blackjack , and the Jake Samson and Barrett Lake mystery series.

The Detective’s Muse

Can O’Huiggin find the killers, finish his poem and recover his hope for love?

In The Detective’s Muse, Lieutenant O’Huiginn is investigating a brutal crime when he realizes the victim's friend, Anne Tadmore, looks exactly like his fiancé who died a year earlier. Her presence rekindles the poetic fire that has been smoldering within him, and he finds himself falling in love with her. As O’Huiginn unravels the mystery, he is drawn to the aisling, a traditional form of Irish poetry he learned from his father.

But when Anne disappears, along with a small fortune in stolen sapphires, O’Huiginn sets out on a treacherous search that will either cost him his life and his career or help him recover his heart. As the body count escalates, time is running out. Can O’Huiginn solve the crime, find love, and finally finish his aisling poem?

The Detective’s Muse is an intricate story of human relationships, offering a message that one can recover from a loss, no matter how great it is.

Delahunt, who grew up in a family of police officers in New York City, brings this experience to The Detective’s Muse, giving it authenticity and verve.

The Detective's Muse

The Detective’s Muse is available in stores and at most online retailers in both paperback and e-book formats at: Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble

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