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"He lay in bed for hours, trying to drag the slippery impression to the surface. His thoughts eventually drifted to Maggie and then to his father. For the ten thousandth time he relived the night of his father's murder."

—Excerpts from "The Detective's Muse"

About Brian

Brian Delahunt

Brian Delahunt was born in Brooklyn, New York of Irish immigrant parents. Several members of his family served as New York’s finest and he has been around police officers all of his life. He holds an MFA in writing and degrees in Art, French and English. His work and life experiences include working as a chef in Paris, as a hypnotherapist in San Francisco, as a locksmith and instrument repair specialist in New York and as a teacher of early Irish literature, among other pursuits. He lives with his wife and daughter in the San Francisco Bay area and worked as a writer in Silicon Valley.  He currently spends most of his time painting portraits, still lifes and landscapes.


The Detective's Muse

The Detective’s Muse is available in stores and at most online retailers in both paperback and e-book formats at:, Barnes and Noble